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Are you terrified of flying? Overcome it, with Fast Track Hypnosis!

Thousands of terrified travellers have overcome their fear of flying with my Fast Track Hypnosis. Aviophobia or aerophobia can be centred around many root causes: From concerns about the weather which could affect the flight; inappropriate behaviour from other passengers; the fear that the plane will suddenly run out of fuel; turbulence; take offs and landing; the fear the plane will drop into the water if flying overseas; claustrophobia; panic attacks; terrorist hijackings…

These are but a few of the fears I've heard, when people explain their terror of flying to me. I've even had someone visit me thanks to their fear of using the toilet facilities on board!

Unfortunately, the media can exacerbate this fear. News of terrorist attacks or negligent air staff merely heighten the aviophobe's fear. and like any phobia, it can and does start to overtake a person's life. I've known people who have cancelled their honeymoons, others have refused to take a promotion as they knew air travel would be involved! One person even rejected a free holiday, many had ceased visiting their family as they needed to board an aircraft to go home!

Air travel is part and parcel of daily life and the more it integrates into our world, the more aviophobes I tend to see.

Insurance brokers have stated that flying is twenty-five times safer than driving a car. Dr. Arnold Barnett of MIT has studies showing flying is the safest mode of transportation in existence. Basing his results on the air accident rate, he determined that you'd have to fly once a day for twenty-two thousand years before encountering a commercial aviation incident. Over one hundred thousands flights occur each day and yet, aviophobia is one of the most common fears.

The actual danger stems from the drive to the airport - not the flight!

"I did it and can't believe it. I just settled myself and relaxed. When I first went to you there was no way I was going on a plane. But Alan I DID IT and all thanks to you!Alan Gilchrist - Next


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