Fear of Flying - overcome it with Fast Track Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy

Many clients often describe it to me as 'I just don't want to make a fool out of myself in front of other people, either on a plane or at the airport'. Consequently they categorise themselves as 'the white knuckle brigade', just sitting there, hands clenched to the sides of the seat, staring straight ahead and not talking, but inwardly praying.

It's not surprising really because, whenever the airline passenger decides to go on a journey / holiday, from the time he or she books the flight for their holidays, etc, a lot of subliminal factors start to emerge.

These are the prime examples:-

Whenever the person books their flight they are asked to take out insurance - just in case!

On arrival to the airport the first building they enter is the TERMINAL! Which is usually littered with advertisements for insurance - just in case!

Then they enter the DEPARTURE lounge and await their FINAL CALL for their FINAL DESTINATION.

Upon entering the aircraft they are greeted by the smiling stewardesses who show them to their seats. They look down and there are the safety instructions which they are advised to read - just in case!

The stewardesses walk down the aisles and check that all the seat belts are fastened and the seats are in the upright position for take off - just in case!

As the aircraft is prepared for take off the smiling stewardesses then instruct the passengers in all the safety procedures ..complete with lifejackets and the brace position - just in case!

Does all this sound familiar?

Little wonder people can easily become phobic about flying even before the plane takes off - and yet these procedures are necessary!

If you have a phobia of flying then Fast Track Hypnosis is ideal in helping you to overcome the fear by implanting into your subconscious mind positive suggestions, and by teaching you to relax. Not only when on the aircraft, but also on the run up to your flight, since your quality of life can be affected by the constant worry about the eventual journey (as featured in Northern Ireland's Business Eye magazine).

You are taught, via Fast Track Hypnosis and the CDs supplied, how to relax and to transfer this state of relaxation to whenever and wherever you need it - in the departure lounge, on the plane, during your flight etc.

You are also taught how to use auto-hypnosis as an aid to your ongoing results as you progress.

It is impossible to be totally accurate how many sessions it takes as each person is an individual. However normally only 4 Fast Track sessions are required (as opposed to conventional Hypnotherapy which can take up to 15 sessions).

s £85 or €85.00 per session.

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