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Stop Compulsive Hair-Pulling with Fast Track Hypnosis!

“I was so annoyed, so angry, I felt like pulling my hair out!”

While this is just a phrase, and a common one at that, people with Trichotillamania - pronounced: trik-oh-till-oh-may-nee-ah- do in fact pull out their hair.

Trichotillamania is a psychological disorder, where the sufferer is besieged by the need to pull out their hair. The disorder was once believed to be rare, but now doctors estimate that it’s a chronic habit of over eight million people the world over. Females tend to be affected more than males.

Even now, some doctors are unaware of this condition and yet, over the nearly three decade span of my career, I’ve treated hundreds with this particular problem.

Sufferers pull out their hair at the root, be it from the scalp, the eyebrows, the eyelashes or even the pubic area. Wherever hair grows, they’ll feel compelled to pull it out. Some will pull out great chunks of hair, leaving bald patches, while others find satisfaction out of plucking one, single strand at a time. Trichotillamania isn’t a habit - it’s compulsive behaviour.

Sufferers may also be plagued by other compulsive habits, such as nail biting or skin picking and may suffer with depression and anxiety issues on top of this. In fact, I’ve recently had two clients suffering with Trichotillamania. One, a teacher, pulled out her hair behind her ear, where it was less noticeable; however this graduated to her entire scalp until she was left with no alternative but to wear a wig. Another, a young girl of twelve, had started with the hair on her eyelashes and had progressed on to her eyebrows. Something her friends had started to tease her about.

 "Hi Alan,
You new web site is fantastic. I didn't realise there were so many phobias and problems that could be helped, and that my problem of hair pulling would be there. My GP was surprised how quickly it was helped....Fiona..."

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