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Can your problem be helped using my unique Fast Track Hypnosis method?

AcneAnxiety is reduced and self esteem is improved - More Info
ActingOvercome stage fright. Memorising lines' etc - More Info
Acumen in businessDiscipline, motivation and organisation - More Info
AdaptationAdjusting to change, marriage, divorce, job, etc.- More Info
AdvertisingCreativity, deadlines sales, etc .- More Info
AgoraphobiaFear of open spaces - More Info
Air travelCrew- confidence, etc. Passengers see - More Info
AlcoholismHelp with self esteem, withdrawal symptoms, etc.
AmnesiaHelping to recall names, numbers, places, etc.
AnalgesiaPain relief. Doctor's permission is always required.
AnaesthesiaReduced pain sensitive in dentistry, etc.
AngerInward rage controlled. learning to relax in situations etc. - More Info
AnorexiaDoctor's permission and counselling is required.
AnxietyEmotional sensations which can be changed. - More Info
AsthmaAnxiety reduced and breathing difficulty relaxed hypnosis. - More Info
AthleticsGoal setting , targets, motivation, etc. - More Info
Automobile travelCar sickness, fear of driving, driving tests etc.
BeautyImproving poor self image, etc. - More Info
BehaviourChanging attitudes to positive from negative. - More Info
Bladder controlUnable to urinate, etc. Doctor's permission required.
BlushingBlushing for no apparent reason. - More Info
BoatingSeasickness, confidence in sailing, etc. - More Info
BowlingMotivation, coordination, focusing, etc. - More Info
BruxismTeeth grinding due to stress. - More Info
BulimiaDoctor's permission and counselling is also required.
CancerPain relief, stress reduction etc. Doctor's permission is required.
ChildbirthSelf hypnosis taught for pain relief.
Claustrophobia A fear of enclosed places - More Info
CompulsionsRepetitive actions moderated.
ConfidenceSelf image is enhanced, etc. - More Info
Contact lensesInability to put them in overcome, etc.
CourageHelp with overcoming a particular event, etc. - More Info
CreativityUsing your abilities to the utmost, painting, writing, sculpture, etc.
DancingStage fright, timing, rhythm, etc. - More Info
DentistsFear of the dentist , pain or being out of control - Odontophobia - More Info
DenturesFear of putting them in, gagging, etc.
DepressionHelping a person to get on with life. - More Info
DiabetesWeight and diet control, motivation, etc. - More Info
Dieting Weight Control and  maintaining a diet. - More Info
DisciplineBeing decisive and determined, etc. - More Info
Driving testOvercoming driving test nerves. - More Info
DysmenorrheaPainful periods. Doctor's permission required.
Drug dependencyIncreased confidence, relaxation, etc. Doctor's permission required.
EatingControlling eating habits. - More Info
EducationOvercome exam nerves and increased learning ability, etc. - More Info
ElevatorsFear of getting on an elevator. - More Info
EnuresisBedwetting. Common with young children.
FertilityInability to conceive. Doctor's permission is required.
FetishesReprogramming in order to function normally.
FlatulencePassing wind, fear of, - More Info
FlyingFear of flying. Fear of being out of control.  - More Info
Forensic HypnosisUsed to retrieve forgotten information, etc.
GaggingDifficulty in swallowing pills, etc.
GamblingCompulsion removed.
Goal settingMotivation, target setting, etc, improved. - More Info
GolfGreater concentration ,increased stamina, etc. - More Info
Guilt feelingsReplaced with feelings of self esteem, etc. - More Info
GynaecologyOvercoming fear of internal examinations, etc.
HabitsHelp to replace bad habits for good ones, etc.
HeadachesMigraine, etc. Doctor's permission is required.

If your problem is not listed here then please do not worry or be disappointed as I am constantly asked to help with conditions that I and other ethical Hypnotherapists have never come across before.


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