Overcome Stage Fright using Fast Track Hypnosis


Stage fright is the name given to a condition where people can and do experience tremendous fear and anxiety at the thought of being the focus of so much attention when performing in public such as on a stage.

Over the years I have helped many thousands of people including  famous actors, actresses and musicians, TV and Radio personalities to overcome this crippling condition.

Stage fright is not only restricted to actors and performers.

Anyone who has to undertake public speaking at some time in their lives can have it. They may have to do a best man's speech at a wedding, interview, chairing meetings or formal presentations. These are all events that can cause the person 'performance anxiety', more commonly known as the 'fear of public speaking',  social disgrace' or ' being judged'.

It can also affect people who have to face it on a daily basis in their jobs such as nurses, flight attendants, teachers, pilots, announcers, politicians, etc. which can become quite distressing for them.

Stage fright at a public performance can not only be terrifying for the performer but can also spoil the enjoyment of his or her audience as well.

They may feel some of the following:

Feeling tense
Fear of making a fool of themselves
Fear of things going wrong
dizziness or fainting
dry mouth
rapid heart beat
trembling voice

Fast Track Hypnosis is ideal in helping a person overcome Stage Fright and lack of confidence by getting them to remain calm through what can seem an impossible task such as overcoming singing nerves, musician nerves, or whatever event that requires them to be on stage. Possibly they may had a bad experience before and facing it again ties their stomach in knots.

Using the calming effects of Fast Track Hypnosis helps a person overcome their self doubt and insecurities by implanting positive suggestions and removing negative associations
or emotions and to enjoy their performance – not dread it !

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