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Can your problem be helped using the unique Fast Track Hypnosis method?

HiccupsRelief from the spasms which rock the diaphragm.
Horse ridingImproving the riders ability and timing in trot,  jumping etc. - More Info
HydrophobiaFear of water. - More Info
HypochondriaImagined fears of illness removed. - More Info
HypertensionHigh blood pressure. Doctor's permission is required.
ImageLeading to a more realistic self image, etc. - More Info
ImpotenceIf mental and not physical hypnosis can help.
ImpulsivenessPreventing rash decisions becoming automatic. - More Info
Inferiority complexImproving the clients self image, etc. - More Info
InhibitionsAltering one's level of fulfillment, etc. - More Info
InjectionsFear of Needles or blood etc - More Info
InsecurityOvercome feelings of helplessness, etc.  - More Info
InsomniaSleep pattern corrected - More Info
IrritabilityLearn to remain calm and relaxed. - More Info
ItchingStop uncontrollable scratching caused by habit.
JealousyInsecurities about another person are lessened. - More Info
Jet lagHelp to adjust to a new time schedule.
JudgementMaking a decision and sticking to it, etc. - More Info
LispingImproving speech impediments, confidence, etc. - More Info
MarksmanshipImprove concentration ,co-ordination, etc. - More Info
MemoryRetain information better. - More Info
MigrainesEasing of tension. Doctor's permission is required.
MourningIf excessive, hypnosis can help.
Muscle crampsMuscle pains respond to relaxation of self hypnosis.
NailbitingAlso picking. A simple problem to overcome.
NegativismReplacing bad ideas with good ones. - More Info
NightmaresIn many cases pleasant dreams can be suggested.
NoisinessSensitivity to sound. De-sensitisation is used.

If your problem is not listed here then please do not worry or be disappointed as I am constantly asked to help with conditions that I and other ethical Hypnotherapists have never come across before.

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