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Fast Track Suggestion Therapy is used for simple problems such as stop smoking, slimming, relaxation, etc, and will normally require only one session (laser therapy is also included at no extra charge and is entirely optional if you so wish). Using Fast Track Hypnosis with its calming and relaxing effects, positive suggestions are implanted which then take root in the subconscious part of the mind. These suggestions alter the bad habits that have built up in your everyday life.

Nail biting is usually over two sessions, but the follow up session is free of charge.

A professionally produced CD is also provided to reinforce all of the suggestions given and to aid further relaxation.


In the unlikely event of you experiencing any difficulties, within the month of the session for anti-smoking or
weight control sessions, and you require a booster session, this second session is free of charge.


If the problem is deep rooted (e.g. a phobia) then more than one session will be required. This would be discussed with you on the initial session as to the nature of the problem and what you wish to achieve from it all.

NOTE: The differences in personality of each client make it impossible to be totally accurate regarding the number of sessions necessary. However, the use of Fast Track Hypnosis dramatically speeds up the process to a few sessions as would be expected from the more conventional "1000 hour" analysis or from conventional Hypnotherapy which would take much longer.

CDs are also provided to reinforce the ongoing results as you progress. Finally, you will be taught self-hypnosis to be able to give yourself positive suggestions without CDs.

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