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Can your problem be helped using the unique Fast Track Hypnosis method?

Hypnosis is a wonderful gift that we can all achieve and use to our benefit if we truly want to. However it is not a cure all for everything!

For example, it cannot cure a broken leg (although it can be used for pain relief for various ailments but in my practice pain relief sessions are always in conjunction with a doctor's consent).

As a rule of thumb, if the condition has occurred because the mind is acting upon the body then my unique method of Fast Track Hypnosis can help. However, it has to be put into perspective. It cannot make a person become the world's greatest singer if that person has never been trained to sing before, etc !

The following pages are provided simply to allow you to see some of the conditions that Fast Track Hypnosis can help with.

If your problem is not listed here then please do not worry or be disappointed. I am constantly asked to help with conditions that I and other ethical Hypnotherapists would never have come across before.


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