Fact: I’ve helped a smoker, who went through 8 packets ( that is 160 ! ) of cigarettes a day, to quit the addiction. The heaviest smoker that I have EVER treated!

Fact: I’ve treated a 9 year old and stopped him from smoking. The youngest smoker!

No matter the age I always give a smoker the same advice: Give up now, while time is on your side! Stop now, while you still have time!

The amount of excuses I’ve heard about why people want to quit are innumerable - but the most important one should always be health.

Fast Track Hypnosis and Laser Therapy will help you quit the habit; it has helped tens of thousands of people to quit their own particular nicotine addiction; but it has to be for the right reason. YOUR health. YOUR desire to quit - and no one else’s.

Over the length of my career, I’ve come to realize that the base to many addictions and unwanted habits is FEAR:

These fears are examples of just one overriding fear - dread at the prospect of misery, when deprived of their pleasure. Fast Track Hypnosis and Laser Therapy offers a unique combination which eradicates all sensations of deprivation, neatly taking away this fear of suffering. It removes the need and the urge to smoke.

The combination of Hypnosis, Minds Eye Courier and Laser Light Therapy offers a program with an incredible success rate and with it, you can be free of the addiction within thirty minutes. You won’t need useless aids, gimmicks or substitutes. You won’t need to spend a fortune on inhalers or nasal sprays or pills.
Just the one, thirty minute session with me for Hypnosis to Stop Smoking in Belfast and you’ll be free from addiction.
By combining all three together it increases the already high success rate of using hypnosis on it's own, and all this is achieved in less than 30 minutes.

There have been over forty-eight studies of standard Hypnosis and its effects on breaking nicotine addiction. These studies have covered 6000 smokers and the results were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, which clearly stated that hypnosis was THREE TIMES more effective than nicotine replacement therapy.

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little.” (New Scientist, Vol 136, Issue 1845, Oct ’92, Pg 6.)

Studies such as the one above prove hypnosis works, but with my unique method of Fast Track Hypnosis in Belfast and Laser Therapy, the success rate is dramatically boosted and all within thirty minutes!
There is no need for useless aids, gimmicks, or substitutes, No nicotine gum or patches, No inhalers or nasal sprays. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Fast Track Hypnosis and Laser therapy and you !

The Fast Track Hypnosis session centres around the unconscious part of the mind; this part drives unwanted behaviours and urges. By placing all of the focus here, anything that is standing in your way of quitting smoking is overcome and your goal is achieved.

Imagine how you would feel when you finally Stop Smoking with Hypnosis in Belfast

When you can finally call yourself a non-smoker! You’ll have more money in your pocket, your breath won’t stink of smoke and your clothes will smell fresh! You’ll finally be free of the cursed addiction!

And you can do all this within one, thirty minute session!

You might have tried to quit before; might have managed to go cold turkey for weeks or even months, but something triggered off the habit once more. You could have tried the gum but that wasn’t enough and you picked up a cigarette to calm you down, when a stressful situation hit you. Or, as a past client once told me, you might have applied a patch, took it off, had a cigarette, then put it back on again!

Whatever you’ve tried in the past, you haven’t tried Fast Track Hypnosis and Laser Therapy. How do I know this? Because if you had, you’d never have touched a cigarette ever again!

So the question is…

If the answer is YES then what are you waiting for?

Put down the cigarette and call me NOW !

You can make this a reality in ONE simple 30 minute session !

So why opt for one type of therapy to quit smoking when you can now have two highly successful methods in a unique combination at no extra cost!

GUARANTEE. In the unlikely event of a client experiencing any difficulties within one month of the stop smoking session, and they require a booster session, this second session is completely free of charge.

Discounts available for group bookings ( All sessions still individual )

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