Reviews about Losing Weight and Gastric Band Hypnosis

Lose Weight - Weight Control - GastroBand ( Gastric Band Hypnosis)
using Fast Track Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Laser Therapy.

Over the years my waiting room walls have gathered quite a lot of reviews and letters from past clients telling of how my Lose Weight Hypnosis sessions via Fast Track Hypnosis has helped them to Lose Weight, and from the weight loss build confidence. Many people coming through my door for the first time will say to me:-

" I bet you haven't heard of my problem before". Then I would point to a letter from  someone with a similar problem.

All  the testimonials on this page are genuine and from clients who have successfully lost weight using my systems.

Please note, the original letters and emails are held at my Belfast office

Here is a small selection of reviews about how my Clients have lost weight using my Fast Track Hypnosis and Laser Therapy Lose Weight session or the Gastric Band Hypnosis ( Gastroband )

"Dear Alan,  apologies for my delay in contacting you to say a massive thank you. I came to see you in July to lose weight and in the past three months I have lost one and a half stone ( 9.5 Kilos )!!!
I have normally a really sweet tooth and also loved my junk food but since visiting you I have not eaten any chocolate, sweets, crisps, biscuits, buns and cakes or ice cream. NO MAGNUMS!!
In three months I can honestly say I have not craved any of the above foods which is really amazing. I have been out for meals and always my favourite meal would be a sweet but again now a coffee does fine, no lemon meringue or ice cream!


Not only that but the CD has really improved my sleeping and is so relaxing.To all those in the waiting room, hope you are as successful!  Alan, many, many thanks and continued success. Phil ......"

" I came to see Alan 6 months ago for the Gastric Band Hypnosis and I have lost 3 1/2 stone (22 Kilos ) . I am amazed how easy it was and how fast as well!
I have been to other Hypnotherapists but it didn't work. Alan's Hypnosis is brilliant!
I only had to go for ONE session and it started right away.
The Cd's are so,so, relaxing. If you want to lose weight - go see Alan Gilchrist... Kelly....."

"Dear Alan, I attended your centre on Friday 31st August 2012 for weight loss hypnosis. I was a huge binge eater, fast food addict and 6 stone overweight.
Since August I have lost an amazing 19 lbs ( 9 kilos )!
I haven't eaten chocolate or fast food since then and have NO desire to either.
I count my calories every day and use an online app to keep me in check. I eat 3 meals a day and one small snack in the evening. I don't feel I'm missing out on anything and never have cravings for my old favourites.
Life is good and my jeans are getting baggier every day!
Thank you so much......Sarah....."

" Dear Alan
Just a wee note to thank you for all your help with our daughter K....... who needed a bit of help as she has cerebral palsy. Now 20 years of age she did her GCSE's and went on to study child care and now looks after 2 little girls and is at present learning to drive.
I am now back to see if I can shift 2 stone ( 13 kilos ) - so here goes!!
I will contact you again with a note of thanks when I get there.
Many thanks ....A........."

"Almost 3 years ago I needed help to focus on getting weight off. Alan helped me achieve this.
I lost 6 Stone ( 38 Kilos ) in approx 4 - 5 months after my session and listening to his CD. This help , has enabled me to achieve other goals in life as well. I continue to use the CD at times to maintain my weight loss....Bob......."

"I've been absolutely thrilled with the results of the weight loss Fast Track Hypnosis as I've lost over 2 1/2 stone ( 18 Kilos )  in the past two months and its utterly painless!!
I would recommend Alan's methods to anyone and have done so to friends and family. Its easy to comply with and seeing such good results has made me more confident and VERY happy !
Thank you so much Alan............... Gina........"

" I first came to Alan  in February 2011 having gained weight after giving up smoking ( on my own ) and the following August I had lost 4 stone ( 25.4 Kilos )  I have been honest with people and told them just as I am writing it now " it was easy to lose the weight " . I didn't feel I was missing out, I didn't feel I was depriving myself, I didn't feel miserable, I felt great and the more weight I lost the better I felt.

So If you are reading this I would just say " DO IT " - see Alan NOW !................Jacinta............"

"Hi Alan

Can I just start by saying a huge Thank you for changing my life. This is why I am thanking you.

Over the years I have been on different diets and also joined a slimming club, all without any success. But one day, I saw an article in a magazine about Hypnosis weight loss and being really surprised as to how much weight this lady had lost and most importantly the weight was staying off, I decided that this Hypnosis sounded great and that I was going to try it out.

I very quickly found your number and made an appointment to meet with you that next week. I was so excited about going to meet you and I was so sure that this Hypnosis was for me. But I actually told no one that I was going to meet with you, I didn't even tell my husband. The reason for this was that I wanted to experience the Hypnosis session myself first, without having to listen to anybody's opinion or comments. I didn't want to be influenced in any way. I met with you at the end of June 2011 and I can assure you, that day will remain in my head for a long time.

I loved the session and it lasted approx 30 mins. From the minute I left the session, I can honestly say that I have never felt so relaxed and confident and happy and most of all I felt that I was in control of my life. I hadn't felt like that for a very long time, it was just such a mix of positive emotions. While I was driving back home, I had to pull over off the road and actually think and believe what I had just done. I couldn't stop giggling to myself and the feeling off sheer happiness was wonderful. I continued driving home and found that I turned off the radio in the car and kept thinking and repeating out loud what you had said to me during the session.

I went home that day and still never said anything to anyone.... I was going to do what you had said and listen to my CD every night for a month and if I saw results then I would say to my family how I had lost the weight.. Well, I didn't have to do that.

A few days later I went to do the groceries, I had listened to the CD for the past two nights at this stage. When I went into the supermarket, I can only describe the thoughts in head as "unbelievable". I was walking past the fruit and vegetables and I wanted the fruit and veg so much that I nearly peeled an orange in the aisle to eat it. I laughed at this, but I can honestly say that I had never bought so much fruit and veg before... Then I continued up and down the aisle and when I saw the snacks, biscuits, crisps and sweet stuff, it was as if I didn't know what they were. All I definitely knew was, that there was no way that they were going into my trolley, NO WAY, crisps.... YUCK was all I could think. I finished my groceries and it was amazing, without even thinking about it, I had filled my trolley with tasty, healthy foods and my usual treats were nowhere to be seen. This was the moment I really started to think about what was going on.

When I went home to make the dinner, I couldn't get enough veg on the plate, but the funny thing was, I didn't even think about putting more than two scoops of potatoes on my plate ( I would have always had three). When I looked at my plate, I couldn't believe my portion size, it was the same as what my son would have ate and guess what... I couldn't even finish it. I was full and there was still a scoop of potato left, but not a pick of veg. On an even funnier note, for what ever reason, I can't, to this day, put my dinner on a white plate!!!!! I have to use a glass plate instead, STRANGE.

A few weeks later.. we had a family party and it was then my brother said to me, " I hope you don't mind me saying, but you have lost a bit of weight and good on you". I was THRILLED to bits and it was there and then I first stood on the scales. I had lost 4 lbs in two weeks. Well the only thing I could do was grin from ear to ear with delight. But it was what happened next that was unbelievable.

I would have enjoyed my wee drink at the weekend, and at the party I was offered a glass of wine. I couldn't believe I said, without even a thought " NO thanks, I don't want a drink". I think my friend near dropped her glass. When I thought about this afterwards, I remembered that in our session, there is a part where I had to mentally clear a table of the foods that I no longer wanted to eat.

I remembered that I pushed a bottle of vodka off the table, along with the crisps, chips, and all the other foods that I didn't want.

To date, 10 months later, I have NOT taken one sip of alcohol.. No one can believe I haven't had a drink. Even last Christmas a friend poured me a glass of wine and I refused, she was asking was I pregnant or something, what was going on. I have never smoked in my life and believe it or not, offering me that glass of wine was like offering me a cigarette, I just couldn't, wouldn't and didn't want to take the glass of wine.

At the beginning I listed to the CD every single night without fail for a month, and many many times I would wake up with the headphones still on my ears, I had fallen asleep before the CD was even halfway through. The CD never leaves it wee spot beside my bed, I love listening to my CD. Even now I would listen to it maybe once or even twice a week, it is just so relaxing and I can definitely say I always have a great nights sleep after listening to the recording.

Over the months since the session, the weight has just been falling off. It was easy, effortless and smaller portions, no crisps, no alcohol (sort of unknown for me), have become my new way of life. It is honestly as if this is the way my life should be!!.

After buying a new pair of trousers (as the others where now too big) I saw a sign for Yoga. It was at my local club and I decided to join because, as I had lost the weight, I had the confidence and the want and willingness to join and help tone up my body. I still go to my yoga class twice a week.

I could go on forever about Alan's Hypnosis, but I promise I won't. My session was just over 10 months ago and I have lost a whopping 3 stone 10 lbs, wow, wow, wow and wow. I am a new woman. I have a new wardrobe, new hair style and my confidence levels have soared. The best way to describe the new me is that "I am happy in myself, I am happy in my space and most of all I am happy in my skin". My family and friends are just delighted for me and I put all of this down to the wise choice of going to get Hypnosis for weight loss.

A few weeks ago, a different sort of a problem arose... because I have lost so much weight, the local yoga club wanted me to do an interview with the local paper to promote their business, they think that I have lost my weight due to yoga. I didn't do the interview!.

I honestly can't speak highly enough about Alan's Hypnosis for weight loss, it has changed my life. I am far happier and far more confident. I seem to be able to deal with situations in a more relaxed and logical manner. I listened to my CD religiously for a month as was told to do, but there wouldn't be a day gone by that I would get myself all cosy in bed, turn out the lights and get out my wee CD. In fact, after signing off, I am going to listen to it this evening.

I have told my close family and friends how I have been so successful in the weight loss. But I really do feel that it is a personal journey for me and I like to keep it private, and now and again have a pat on my back about how well I am doing.

Alan, thanks again for everything and hopefully someone reading this will be inspired just as I was and it will work for them too. I am going to keep in touch with you as to how well that I am doing.
Thanks again Priscilla..................."

"Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I have got on since visiting you in January 2012. I attended one of your Hypnosis sessions to help me lose weight as my eldest son was getting married in May 2012. I had been trying lots of fad diets but nothing was working for me - I just felt I needed something to kick start me.

I left your office not knowing whether it was going to work or not - IT DID. I have been eating healthily and have not had one piece of chocolate since my session. I hadn't weighted myself so I don't know exactly how much weight I have lost - all I can say it that I am down 2/3 dress sizes and have had lots of nice comments about how well I look. My son was married 4 weeks ago and I had a lovely day - all helped by the way I was feeling about myself. I felt and looked great and was full of confidence.

I would also like to celebrate the success of my sister and nephew.
My sister attended one of your sessions just a couple of months ago and has lost 3 stone!!! She has tried numerous diets and prescription pills. She went to her Doctor and told him about her visit to you-he is very interested and has asked her to attend every 3 weeks to get weighted-he is very pleased with her progress.

My nephew attended for a confidence issue. He is doing brilliantly and has attended an interview recently and landed the job something that he couldn't have done in the past, he is also attending classes to learn a new language - we are very proud of him and his progress.
Thank you again for your help....................Sandra..........."

" After piling on pounds after the birth of my second child and trying every possible diet, I thought I would always be fat. Thankfully I picked up the courage to see Alan in one of his clinics. I wasn't sure what to expect but was delighted that weight just seemed to drop effortlessly. I now have a new found confidence and a new wardrobe. I wish I had done it years ago. Thanks for everything - lost  1.5 stone ( 9.5kg ).......... Judith..........."

" I went to Alan and within 2 weeks I lost 11lbs ( 5 kilos ) .  I play the CD every night as it helps me to relax. I hope my weight keeps coming off. Thank you Alan............ Trevor..........."

" Unable to control weight due to brittle type one diabetes for 11 years I was having terrible cravings for sweets, crisps, chocolates, etc, and as a result of a poor diet and addictions I was taking 8 - 9 insulin injections per day.
My health was at a serious risk and had tried many different medications and herbal remedies but nothing was able to control it. After 17 hospital admissions with a diabetic coma and DKA in 12 months I had no other choice but to seek more help.

I contacted Alan and he was able to see me that evening. Within 6 weeks my cravings reduced by 95% and my insulin injections were also reduced to 1 - 2 at the most per day.

I feel as if I am not a diabetic anymore and it's the best I've felt in a long time. I would defiantly recommend Alan to anyone - he was the first to help me in many ways!!! Absolutely brilliant................ Sarah........"

" I have had a weight problem since I was a child. Coming from a large family my mothers method was " fill them up and shut them up ". So I was brought up on puddings, potatoes etc, and woe betide us if we left anything on the plate.

Food has always been my comfort blanket whether happy , sad, whatever, I was never put off eating.

I had a bad accident a few years ago and my foot was broken in lots of pieces and of course I was left with arthritis. I went to my Doctor yet again, last year as the pain was unbearable. I was told in no uncertain terms that my weight was probably a lot of the problem and that I was a walking time bomb. I was a prime candidate for a stroke, heart attack, etc.

I for once listened and started to try to lose weight. I had seen Alan's advert , even cut it out a year ago or so but this time I thought it was time to try it.

Well, what a wonderful thing it is. I can honestly say I have never looked back and it has been so easy. Since July last year I have lost 32kg ( 5 stone ) . The praise I get is fantastic and I feel so much better. I would still listen to Alan's CD some nights , it has become my lullaby. I very rarely hear more than a few moments and then I am asleep, waking up when it has finished, but it has gone into my subconscious.

Alan has saved my life, the pain is still there but I can now go to my Doctor knowing something can be done!

“My sister and my daughter have lost 2 stone ( 15.8 kilos ) between them in two weeks .
I have lost 5 lbs ( 2.3 kilos ). Mine will take longer because I am disabled and cant really exercise.
We have no urge to eat sweet stuff and do not feel as hungry. We are not fit to eat big meals any more. Thank you Alan.......... Geraldine”

"Hi Alan,

I underwent your fast track hypnosis just six weeks ago. My weight had been gradually increasing for several years as I really enjoy eating and drinking, and, in Spain with all its wonderful food and wines, it is easy to slip into excess. I had tried various methods of dieting over the years, but the problem was always the same; sooner or later I returned to my old eating and drinking habits. It seemed to me that my old habits had not really changed, but had just been submerged by whatever diet I was on, and, as soon as I had finished dieting, I returned to those previous habits.

When I came to see you I had very little faith that hypnosis could help at all, and, even if it could, I did not believe that anything could be achieved in one session. I was a real sceptic.

In the last six weeks I have lost just over ten kilos, and have another seven kilos to go. It has all been so easy. I still really enjoy my food, which is mainly low calorie, but which now seems to be so much tastier. I now eat far smaller quantities than before and find that I do not want high calorie foods. They just do not hold any interest for me.

I had read the letters included with your articles in the local English language newspapers and on your website, but took them with a pinch of salt. I now have to admit that every letter you have published must be entirely true. Now I am writing one of my own.

I look forward to gradually losing the extra kilos to reach my target weight of seventy-five kilos, and now feel that for the first time, with the occasional help of your CD, I shall have little difficulty in maintaining my weight at that level.

I will of course let you know if such is not the case, but I feel confident that I will not need to return to the couch.

Kind regards Martin ............."

“I came to see Alan after I had just had a photo taken with my husband and after seeing the photo I was determined I would never look like that again.
After my appointment with Alan I lost 10 lbs. (4.5 kilos) in 7 days. Its now October and I’ve lost 2 stone 4 lbs. (15 kilos). Everyone is noticing I’ve lost weight, but it doesn’t matter if they do or don’t because my clothes tell the true story. I’ve gone from a size 22 – 24 to a size 18!
My life has changed so much. It used to be centred around food, now I only eat 3 meals a day. I never eat between meals (I don’t want to – I don’t feel hungry) and my taste in food has changed completely. When we went out previously for a meal I would always look at the deserts and then decide what I would have for my main meal making sure I would have room for a desert. Now I’ll look at the starter only after I’ve chosen my main meal and I NEVER look at the deserts – I am not interested in them. I can feel sick just thinking about chocolate and cream and other sweet things. I used to drink a lot of fizzy drinks and now I only drink water or tonic water, everything else is too sweet.
I want to lose another 2 stone and I know I WILL do this. Time isn’t a problem because I’m not living on a diet, I’m just eating good healthy food and happy to leave some on my plate. I still play my CD that Alan gave me occasionally and find it not only helps me with my weight but it also helps me to feel calmer and happier within myself.
My visit to Alan was the best thing I ever did and I know I will NEVER be as fat as I was ever again! ………..Val…”

"Hello Alan, just a quick up date on how I'm getting on, I'm using the CD probably 5 to 6 times a week on average, and I'm finding it really good. I feel strong. Completely stopped drinking fizzy drinks for the last 7 weeks, hardly eat bread and probably have 3 to 4 alcohol drinks a week instead of 10 to 15. I've lost 2 and half stone ( 15 .8 Kilos ) in 7 weeks and my goal is 5 stone in a year. Thanks for what you did, will keep in touch and let you know..........Ewan ..."

"Hi Alan
I am pleased to inform you that, although I didn’t believe in it at first, I lost 2 stone ( 12.7 kilos ) within the first two months following your hypnotic session in Albir on weight loss,
I am registered disabled due to the difficulty I used to have in walking but can now enjoy walk, minimum of a mile a day, often more when previously I could only manage a few yards before the need to stop and rest
Please note that I have mentioned this to all my friends, and my wife’s Irish relatives, I believe they are arranging to see you in Ireland. Thank you for your help. Regards Mike ......."

" I went to see Alan In Guardamar ( Spain ) on 30th June this year. How fantastic!. I have - so far - lost 2 1/2 stone ( 15 .8 Kilos ) , and haven't felt this good for years. I am now losing about 1 - 1 1/2  pounds  per week - which is great ( its about 50 pounds over the next year )

All my friends are so impressed , two of them are even flying to Belfast from England on Friday for the weight loss Hypnotherapy. I'm here again today with my daughter Sue, who has to give up smoking - for medical reasons - and I have every confidence that Alan will be able to help her. Thank you so much Alan, you have given me back my life.  Pat....."

" Hey Alan,

A little bit late, but I want to thank you for coming to Holland. The day was a big success, and a very enjoyable day.
For myself, I find it harder to lose weight than to stop with smoking, but…… I listen to you every day, and I do not take snacks in between meals , no sweet things with the coffee, and I lost 2 kilo already in this short time. So it’ll be fine. Thank you again for coming to us, it was a honour to have you with us. Regards L..........."

" Hi Alan, Its Adel here.

I came to see you before Christmas because I wanted to control my eating habits and also the way I thought about food. You were my last chance as I had tried every diet under the sun and failed every time. I was putting my life in danger every day with the extreme measures I was taking.
I'm delighted to tell you I have done a complete 360 degree turn around for the better. I have so much more confidence and feel great about myself and it is all because of you. Forever in your debt.............. Adele"

" For years I have been struggling to get rid of my excess weight. Even though I played a  lot of sports I was overweight and continually overeating.
One day I picked up the courage to phone Alan for an appointment and I only wished I did it a lot sooner!! As instructed I listened to the CD every day for the month and inside 8 weeks I has lost nearly 2 stone ( 12.7 kilos )
A year later I listen to the CD every so often and have been able to maintain my weight at the level I want. I was surprised how easy it was  and would recommend Alan to anybody in the same situation.
I m current listening to Alan's goal setting CD ( after my session with him ) and totally look forward to the same successful result. Regards... Alasdair....."

" I attended Alan Gilchrist 3 years ago when I was 17. I had always had problems with my weight, but this time around I was at my heaviest as 13 1/2 stone aged 17.
My mum had been reading about Hypnotherapy in a magazine and told me to give it a go. I was at the end of my tether, I had tried every diet under the sun from Atkins to the soup diet, nothing worked and I seemed to be getting bigger with all those fad diets. So I decided to go, and after I was put "under" hypnosis I went straight home and listened to my CD.
I got up the very next morning and started my healthy diet, keeping it up and losing 3 1/2 stone (22 Kilos ) which I have kept off 3 years later. I am now at a healthy 10 stone.
When I see my weight creeping up and I catch myself on, then I would go and listen to my CD. I can honestly say I wouldn't  have lost this weight or kept it off had I not came to Alan Gilchrist. Thank You Alan............Jade......."

" After struggling to lose weight for some time and feeling the worsening effects on my joints and general health I decided to visit Alan Gilchrist.

From the first day my attitude towards food changed and I steadily lost weight and felt the health benefits. My joints no longer ache and my weight has dropped by 1 kilo a week with a total loss of 10 kilos in 10 weeks. I would highly recommend a visit to Alan if you would like to change your attitude to food and fell fitter and healthier........Margaret "

"Dear Alan. I'm sorry I haven't written sooner but better late than never??

I came to see you on 26th April 2010 because of my addiction to Lucozade and have had tremendous success. I cannot thank you enough. When I left your office I felt no different. I actually felt like I had wasted my money but it has turned out to be the best money I have ever spent.

My only goal was to stop drinking Lucozade. I expected to lose weight by doing this. I have now lose 2 1/2  Stone ( 15.9 Kilos ) in just over 4 months and gone from a size 20 to a size 14. I have totally different eating habits. Coming off Lucozade was great but my new attitude to eating is unbelievable.

When I visited you my breakfast was a Lucozade but now I would never miss a healthy breakfast. I wish you the best of luck and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you. Thank you again. Yours Sincerely....Denise...."

" Dear Alan

Just a note to say thank you - after having my Hypnotherapy session for weight loss late February  I can honestly say that I found it a great help. As well as seeing you I joined weight watchers as I wanted to change my eating habits and I have felt inspired and confident throughout and have now lost 3 stone (19.05 kilos) in under 6 months.

I think the main benefit of my Hypnotherapy has been that I felt positive that I could do it and have had NO cravings. The determination has enabled me to "be good" and I have even been able to keep up my busy social life even eating out at least 3 times a week.

My friends and family have been impressed and also inspired to look at their own weight issues and I am pleased that my sister has decided to tackle her weight problems and followed my advice to come and see you also.
with sincerest thanks........Karen"

Tracy Allen Director of the Sophia Health and Wellness Centre in Cabo Roig  where I hold one of my Spanish  Lose Weight Hypnosis and Gastric Band Hypnosis Clinics...................)

Well I was sceptical about Hypnosis to lose weight and if it really worked. When Alan is here the amount of people who come to see him is incredible, and their reactions and comments after their sessions at the Centre got me thinking mmmm.... maybe there is something in it.

I always eat very healthily and exercise every day but you can say that I like my food and my portions... so talking to Alan and looking at his w
eb site I thought I would try it and try it I did 2 weeks ago.
I was hypnotised for the Fast Track Gastroband  ( Gastric Band Hypnosis ) session, and Alan also included the Laser therapy as well. I was aware of everything around me throughout, actually thought I was in hospital having the procedure. After the 30 minute session Alan gave me a CD to play every night (very relaxing).

Well the next day my body was telling me to eat all that food BUT my head was saying NO!! HOW!!

The first week I lose 2 lbs and the second week I have lost a further 2 lbs. I now think very differently about food and eat very little compared to before. I simply can't believe this only took one session , I'm amazed.

I would recommend anybody to try it, but to make it even more effective to exercise regularly 3 – 4 times a week to help the metabolism and tone those muscles to make your body look good and feel great with the weight loss ( Alan puts it into the session to do just that)

It has been so successful for me that lots of my own clients are now using the Fast Track Hypnosis Lose Weight Session or the Fast Track Gastroband ( Gastric Band Hypnosis ) in conjunction with their regular exercise regime at the centre, where I can monitor their ongoing progress”

" I had the Gastroband Hypnosis ( Gastric Band Hypnosis )just over a month ago and all I can say is it’s brilliant!!
It’s changed my eating habits, I feel great and I’ve lost 3kgs.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!!!
Nikki P "

“I had my Gastroband ( Gastric Band Hypnosis ) 2 weeks ago and already I have lost 6.6lbs (3 kilos), which is fantastic. I have followed Alan's instructions to listen to his CD every day, which I believe helps to re-enforce what he said to me during my half hour consultation to undergo the Gastroband Hypnosis. It is also very relaxing and aids a very good nights sleep.
It has totally changed the way I see and think about food. I have done every diet going in the past but nothing has ever seemed to work.
I no longer overeat and do not eat between meals, which in the past were both failings of mine.
I am so pleased that I have had the Gastroband Hypnosis and look forward to the new slimmer me FOREVER.
I am also a member of the Sophia Wellness Centre and visit the centre everyday and this has given me more energy and the motivation to keep my spirits up.
Diane G............”

"My Mother in Law was with Alan 2 1/2 years ago to stop smoking using Hypnosis which was successful and came back two weeks ago for the weight control session. To date she has lost 11 lbs ( 5 kilos). That's why I am here today for the same! Ann....."

"I got Hypnosis to lose weight in November 2008 . I own a large company in Belfast and ate junk food, sweets and drank fizzy drinks for handiness as I worked long hours. From I attended Alan Gilchrist for Fast Track Lose Weight Hypnosis I have now lost 6 1/2 stone  ( 41 kilos ) in Just over a year. I have come back again on Monday 4th Jan 2010 for a top up as I went off the rails at Christmas and didn't want to put on any weight again. My Girlfriend is also trying it too.
Thank you for all your help , Philip.........."

"I came to see Alan about a year ago and have lost over 3 stone  (19.05 kilos) since then. I now feel 45 instead of 55 and life is much better. All the left over food now goes to side of the plate as I just don't want to eat it. After my main mean at night I don't eat anything until the following morning. Lynn............"

"Hi Alan,   

I came in to see you over a year ago to try and lose weight with Hypnosis, something I  had been trying to do for some time. I wanted to make the extra push  as I was getting married in October. Thanks to your help I was able to lose nearly two stone (12.7 kilos) and haven't looked back since. The whole process was amazingly simple and I just wished I had come to see you sooner. I hope you are well. Thanks Alasdair........."

"Hi Alan,
I was with you in early March on a Saturday at one of your clinics. At the time I weighed 11 stone 10 pounds. Up to then I didn't have sufficient will power to stick to a diet or to cut back on my food intake. After the session I easily went down to my target weight of 10 stone 7 pounds and have found it very easy to maintain it. I was never able to diet before – but now I can, its incredible . The Hypnosis to Lose weight was very effective , that is why my friend has booked in to see you!

 "Hi Alan
Just like to say thank you - 2 stone 10.5 lbs (13.35 kilos) off so far ...Ros......"

"Dear Alan,
I first came to you 14 years ago for smoking, as a bad asthmatic I was doing myself no favours by smoking about 30 a day. Thanks to you I have never smoked again and my asthma is well under control.
Then 2 years ago I came to you about my weight which was out of control due to bad eating habits, once again you worked your magic and I am now 2 stone lighter (12.7 kilos) and my eating habits are now healthy.
Many, many thanks W........."

" Hi Alan,
I came to see you 5 weeks ago and to date I have lost 17 pounds ( 7.73 kilos). It's absolutely brilliant. I was addicted to coke and chocolate. I have stopped all that and just drink water instead. I played your CD everyday for the month as you told me, and now just a few times during the week. I didn't find it hard at all and I am not even snacking between meals, which is great.
Thanks Nicky R... "

" Hi Alan,
My name is Kirsty C***** and I came to you for a weight loss Hypnosis session on 2nd Nov 2007. I have since lost weight steadily and to date I have lost 2 and a half stones which I am delighted with. I have listened to my CD a lot since then when I feel I need it but it has become damaged and I would like to get a replacement copy. I would be grateful if you could send me info on how to go about this. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thanks so much for your help as I feel it was the key thing that helped me get on the right track.

Yours sincerely,
Kirsty C  "

Hi Alan,
I came to see you in 2007 and had Fast track Hypnosis for my weight. I was eleven and a half stone and after my session I felt that I didn't want to binge any more. At that time I told all my friends that I had been to see you and they were all negative about it - they just didn't understand, and didn't know anything about what you do. So when I started to lose weight they soon changed their minds. I got down to my target weight of 10 stone very easily and I would swear by your Fast Track Hypnosis.


Just a quick note to say Thanks. I lost 2.4 Kilos in the week since I came to see you and I have not found it hard!! Love the CD and listening to it every day as you said, and look forward to doing so! Thanks again"

"Hi Alan, I came to see you in Sept 05 and since then I have lost an amazing 7 stone ( 44.45 kilos). I found that your Fast Track Hypnosis really works,

"Dear Mr Gilchrist,
I received hypnotherapy last March for a weight problem. At the time I weighed 15 stone and had spent my entire life from the age of 16 on freak diets, which failed to work in the long term. I consulted you as a last ditch- I mean no disrespect, but I didn't believe that hypnotherapy could help me ; however as I had unsuccessfully tried just about everything else, it was all that remained and I reluctantly decided to give it a go.

As I left your clinic after that session, I must confess that I felt no different from when I went in, and, although politeness prevented me saying so, I felt it had just been a huge con. I did, however want to be fair, and so I carried out you instructions. From the morning following my hypnotherapy, I found that somehow, I only wanted to eat sensible food. Sweet shops and bakeries might as well have been selling bits of wood - like magic, their hold over me was gone. I have to date lost 4 stone ( 28.6 kilos ) by eating three sensible meals a day and snacking , if I feel I want to, on fruit or a slice of brown bread. Needless to say I am now a confirmed believer in the efficacy of Hypnotherapy. With gratitude."

Dear Alan,
Just a note to thank you for your help during the past while. This is like a new start for me. With your help I have lost weight and kept it off over Christmas with no problem. My confidence and self esteem are improving beyond anything I could have wished for - at long last I am in control of my life and have the confidence to do what I want. My relationship with my husband has really seen the benefits. I wish I had visited you sooner. All the best,

"Dear Alan,
It is now almost 13 weeks since my consultation with you and I am pleased to confirm that I have lost a total of 33lbs that's 2 stone 5 pounds! ( 15 kilos ). You said it would be easy, and it has been easy. I simply have no interest in those fatty, high calorie foods. I feel great, and have bags more confidence, which is affecting all aspects of my life, including my job. To conclude Alan, I would just like to say a heartfelt thanks to you for all your support and motivation over the past 3 months. Forever in your debt,"

"Dear Alan,
I just had to write and tell you the results of listening to the CD after 6 weeks. Although I wasn't grossly overweight I did want to loose just over a stone and already I have lost 13 pounds (5.9 kilos) so needless to say I'm delighted. Listening to the CD day after day and hearing the same thing , did become tedious, but results made up for that. I am a very much happier person, and instead of worrying all the time, and much of it about things that didn't concern me, I have a more relaxed approach to life.

One thing that amazes but delights me is that having suffered for years with an imbalance of the inner ear for which I have been taking pills 3 times a day, I find they are no longer needed.
Apparently there is no cure for this condition - only help- so how could this have happened?
Visiting you was one of the more intelligent things I have ever done, even though I did so at the time tongue in cheek. How wrong I was ! Thanks for changing my outlook about life. Sincerely, T......"