Belfast Hypnotherapy -  Alan Gilchrist - Stop Smoking Reviews

Over the years my waiting room walls have gathered quite a lot of lreviews from past clients telling of how  Fast Track Hypnosis has helped them to stop smoking. Many people coming through my door for the first time will say to me " I bet you haven't heard of my problem before".

Then I would point to a review from  someone with a similar problem.

All  the reviews and testimonials on this page are genuine and from clients who have successfully stopped smoking  using my system.

Please note, the original reviews letters and emails are held at my Belfast office

Below is a small selection of how  Stop Smoking  Hypnosis and Laser Therapy helped these people to Stop Smoking  in under 30 minutes.

" I started smoking from the early age of thirteen and when I got to my 40's I realised I had premature wrinkles and tried to give up the habit.
At 25 cigarettes per day and 40 per day at weekends, this proved to be very difficult. I tried gum and patches but still smoked, even with the patches on.
I eventually sought the help of Alan in 2004 and 9 years later, I am still off the cigarettes.!
The process was painless and effortless. I have never looked back.

Thank you Alan......Geraldine.........."

 "Dear Alan, I visited your office in June 2009 wanting to stop smoking. By this stage in my smoking habit I had tried going cold turkey, inhalers, gum and other self- help books but unfortunately nothing worked for me.
I heard about you through a friend and decided to give it a go, I am so glad I did. I believe the success for anyone using Hypnosis is to really want to overcome their problem. I fully believed that this would work and that I could be a non-smoker.

I must admit I was very nervous at first but you completely put me at ease. Thank you so much. Fiona........

Hello Alan, just a brief line to say, Thank you Thank you Thank you....... My husband attended your clinic in Cabo Roig on Friday 23 September 2011 for help in stopping smoking. I am so pleased to say from that day to this, he has been a non-smoker and has not even been tempted to take a puff!!.

Your hypnotherapy and CD did the trick, and your advice on leaving the clinic about not lighting that ciggie to 'test' whether hypnotherapy works, was the best advice you could have given him. He has never looked back.

Our friend Violet came for her appointment 3 weeks ago, and I am happy to report that she too has not smoked since. So, from 2 very happy families, thank you again, and we would not hesitate in recommending you to others. We would want the world to know how happy we are that your service works. Christine Henderson. Spain

"At 47 years old, walking for more than 20 minutes meant I was breathless and wheezing. I went to see Alan and 8 months later I am still not smoking. My breathing is so much better, I can walk for an hour now, and am still not as bad as I was.
As soon as I had the Hypnotherapy I was a non-smoker. Having tried every tablet and patch available, this was the easiest way.

 I think if I had carried on smoking it would have killed me. Denise ............"

" I was smoking 30 cigarettes a day - weekends probably more!
I tried many times to stop but couldn't, they controlled me, every day.
I read about Alan and made an appointment. I know my will power is nil and didn't give much hope.

That was October 2011.

It is now October 2012 and I have not touched a cigarette in 12 months.
You might say it is early days yet but I know I will NEVER smoke again. I don't crave them, I can be in smoking zones and it never bothers me - and wont !
All this is due to one person - Alan Gilchrist - I would be smoking still if it wasn't for Alan.

I can't thank him enough for the work he done and is still doing.......Peter .........."

" My brother Philip smoked 60 plus a day 15years ago.

 After seeing Alan, he has never touched a cigarette since......Colin.........."

" I was recommended by a friend to come and get Fast Track Hypnosis on stopping smoking after a 20 year, 25 plus a day habit . Nearly 11 months on I'm a non smoker, not only do I feel healthier but I have money in my purse.

" Not for me thanks - I don't smoke!

Would like to thank you very much for helping me give up a habit I never thought I could give up.............Nessa..........."

" I was with alan 17 years ago and on over 30 cigarettes per day. I came with another person who smoked around the same amount.

After the session I just didn't feel like a cigarette and haven't had one since - neither has the other person as well.
The tape was brilliant - the most relaxing ever! I would definitely recommend Alan's Hypnosis! And the money I've saved - a fortune! 
Alan's the best Hypnotherapist ever!
Many thanks Alan.........Maralyn.............."

"Before calling Alan I smoked up to 40 cigarettes per day. Never have I thought of having one since.
Many Thanks...........Andrew........"

" I saw Alan on Wed 3rd August 2011 to help me stop smoking - from that night I have not wanted or needed a cigarette - to the point where I am disgusted about smoking. I can't believe I was a smoker. I am so glad I want to Alan.

I can never ever see myself holding a cigarette again , which is something I thought I would never say after 18 years of smoking. Many Many thanks Anne..........."

“I first met Alan Gilchrist back in 2006, he was the man I hoped would stop me smoking, but I was unsure if what I was spending my money on was going to be worth it.
It's now 2012 – the BEST money I ever spent !
I'm STILL smoke free 6 years later and now getting help with weight loss. Will keep you updated with my new task and hope I come out a winner again!...........Thank you Alan.........Anne.......”

" I first attended Alan in 1994 being a heavy smoker. I found his technique first class and never felt the craving for a cigarette. I was off them for 17 years when I mistakenly smoked a cigar thinking one would do no harm. I have smoked cigars for the last 12 months and have returned to Alan for help.
Following my last session I have every confidence I will again succeed.
Thank you Alan for all your help .........Paul......."

" After my session 5 years ago with Alan I felt amazing. I had NO urge to smoke a cigarette and could smell other people that were smokers. The smell was disgusting and realised that's what I was like. My favourite part of the treatment was the CD, I was asleep in minutes and felt great in the morning.
I felt happier, in control and clean!........... Alicia................ "

" i would like to tell everyone about how Alan helped me to stop smoking 22 years ago. I had Hypnosis back then and I have never smoked a cigarette since. The very thought of an ash tray makes me feel sick and my stomach starts to turn with the very thought of a cigarette. I would not even handle a cigarette or a packet for that matter. Just keep playing your CD as required.

Now trying it for weight loss , Will keep you informed so fingers crossed again ( Thanks )... Ester........"

" I attended Alan Gilchrist in 1996. I was previous to this a 20 - 30 a day smoker I am still after 16 years a non smoker. Feeling so much healthier and energetic. I tried Hypnosis in 1994 with a  different Hypnotherapist with no effect.

I would recommend this therapy to anyone who wants to stop smoking........Alison ........"

" Just a few lines to thank Alan for your help to stop smoking. It has been over 5 weeks now and I haven't smoked or felt like a cigarette.
I am also delighted that I have not put on any weight - that was one of my biggest fears....  Many Thanks Jacqueline...."

" I was advised in Sept 2011 I had to have surgery on the base of my spine and had to stop smoking before they would operate. I'd tried cold turkey, then patches and no smoking clinics .

My sister and fiancé had recommended Alan as they had stopped smoking in January 2010 as a result of coming to see him. I'm pleased to say I've not had one puff since November 24th 2011 after 6 years of heavy smoking "

" I write on behalf of my mother-in-law Rita, who came to Alan as she was a heavy smoker, 40/60 per day. All avenues had failed, however after one session was completely "smoke free", she didn’t even have a craving for cigarettes!! We were delighted for her because she struggled for so long and 20 years on she was still off smoking. Unfortunately Rita has passed on, but thanks to Alan, she had a "smoke free" life and enjoyed herself, she and us were very grateful to him.

I am now seeking help from Alan for my son Neal, who has a phobia and I am confident that Alan once again will ensure Neal will overcome this in time, so anyone who has any kind of problems , seek Alan's help or advise, you will be pleasantly surprised........ Patricia......"

" Just a short thank you note for helping me to stop smoking. I tried everything including patches, chewing gum, self help books and nothing worked. Following ONE session of hypnotherapy I came out of your office a non smoker !
That was 7 years ago and haven't smoked since. Thanks again..............Angela............"

" For years I had been a smoker, smoking every day and smoking double the amount when out at at the weekend. I had reached a point  where I was desperate to stop smoking. This was when I found Alan's website. I called him and had an appointment a few days later.
I had my last cigarette before entering the appointment room. After the Hypnosis I didn't want to smoke, even when all my friends were heading outside to smoke I stayed inside. It was as if I had never been a smoker.
It's been over one year and I haven't even thought of lighting up a cigarette.
This has been all thanks to Alan. Thanks...........Mary................"

" I visited Alan to stop smoking in February 2011 . I found the experience very relaxing and positive . I followed his advice and used the associated CD every night before I slept to reinforce the programme. I have not smoked since and would recommend Alan to anyone who has found stopping smoking too hard to achieve alone...... Lorraine......"

" Hi Alan, I just wanted to drop you a few lines to thank you for your help. I first visited you in 2008. It was June 1st at 4.15pm. I will never forget the time and date. I had been smoking 40 cigarettes a day and I had tried everything to stop.
You were my last resort!
I would like to tell you that I haven't had a cigarette since. That was 3 1/2 years ago and I am so grateful.

I visited you again 2 weeks ago for help with my weight problem. I have every faith in you and I know I will succeed once again. Thank you for all your help. Your a star...........Daniella.........."

" I attended Alan's clinic 25 years ago to help stop smoking 40 per day and thankfully to this day it has worked a treat.

25 years smoke free!

If I am tempted to have a cigarette I would right away get the thought of a smelly dirty ashtray and that's enough to put me off! Alan, thank you so much for your help and support.......Caroline......"

" I met Alan Gilchrist about 20 years ago. With his help I went from 20 a day to 0. Here twenty years later, I am back still never having smoked. Now it's a weight problem. Again with his help I hope to reach my goal.
Again many thanks Alan..... Linda........"

" Where to start. My name is Jim, I was a heavy smoker ( 40+ ) a day. I am also an insulin dependant diabetic which adds to my chances of a heart attack or a stroke. The problem with being a smoke addict was that I absolutely loved smoking but knew that at 56 years of age and a smoker of over 40 years I was asking for trouble.

I was persuaded by my wife and family to visit renowned Hypnotherapist Alan Gilchrist and went for one 30 minute session. I have not smoked a single cigarette since that visit. Don't ask me to explain it. As I said to my family before the visit, if I felt like smoking -  I would smoke, but I can honestly state that I have not even been bothered by being in the company of other smokers. A few of my friends and colleagues have also taken the plunge also with Alan when they saw it working for me, the couldn't believe the change in me........Jim....."

" At 11.00am on 25th February 1991, as an act of desperation and a sceptic I went to see Alan regarding my heavy smoking habit.

As a result over 21 years have passed and I have never smoked since. I don't know what happened as I had given up 100's of times before and I am still reluctant to say I believe in Hypnosis however I know it works!........Sam......."

" It's almost a year now since I was put under Hypnosis in order to stop smoking. After 30 mins with Alan Gilchrist along with the CD that I played before sleeping I am very please to say I am a success story as the thought of cigarettes wouldn't cross my mind.

It is now Monday 16th January and I'm back hoping for the same effect with my eating habits, along with a friend who I have recommended. Many Thanks Lisa........."

"Alan, sorry it's taken me so long to give my thanks and feedback - 12 years!! off Smoking.

A simple 30 minutes on my lunch break and I've never looked back. I left, got into my car and thought, " my colleagues will ask me how I got on - stopping smoking? I thought strangely I don't smoke !"

They did laugh, but hey - I DON'T SMOKE ! ( 12 years ) Thanks again Alan........Siobhan.........."

" Hi Alan,
I'm just writing a short note to let you know how I'm doing. After an hypnosis session with you four months ago.
In that four month period, not only have I not had a cigarette, but I can honestly say that I have not even had the remotest desire for a cigarette.
As you know, I was getting through three and a half packets a day (70)before I saw you and now, well, I am saving over €13 per day - every day!! Thank you so much for your help!!
Please feel free to give my email address to anyone who wants to check if this is a valid testimonial.

" I just want to thank you for all your help so far. I came to see you 18 months ago smoking 30 a day and after one session I haven't had a single cigarette, can't believe I was ever a smoker!! Since quitting smoking I came to see you again for weight loss, I've now lost my 1st stone, yee ha!! I'll see you again next week for my 2nd session for fear of flying, I have a holiday booked for February and already I'm not panicking about it as I usually would be, even 4 months before the flight!

I had recommended you to two of my friends, one hasn't smoked since seeing you 16 months ago, the other saw you last month and hasn't smoked since either, more fantastic results! Thank you soooo much, Mairead....."

( This client is off cigarettes 12 years )

 " I had tried to stop smoking a few times without any success at all! Decided I didn't want to have a smokers cough so I had 1 session and have never smoked again......biggest surprise ...... no craving, none, despite me waiting for the craving to start never did . And no I didn't put weight on either.........Tina "

"Thank you
Alan, just wanted to thank you. I went to see you
2 weeks ago to stop smoking. I am amazed by how easy it has been. I have not had one craving, I feel so much happier and healthier. This has completely changed my life. I am a more positive person and everyone is commenting on how much more relaxed I am. I even had someone tell me my eyes look much brighter!! I have recommended you to so many people ( I think people are thinking I am on commission from you). My director in work went to you last week to stop smoking too and is also finding it easy and my mum went to see you on Friday for weight loss. My dad, brother and sister in law are all going to make appointments with you to stop smoking as are 2 of my friends so you will be kept busy! Thank you again. I cant believe how fantastic I feel and am amazed I have not had one single craving even when drinking alcohol. I will be forever grateful to you and will continue my mission on spreading the word on how fantastic you are! ... M......."

 "Hi Alan - I visited your clinic on 30 March 2010 to stop smoking. I am delighted to tell you that I have not had a cigarette since (and have not had a craving for one either)!! I did gain some weight but once I felt ready, I focused on losing it and getting fit and I am almost there with my target. As a result, I am now doing things that, 18 months ago the cigs wouldn't have allowed me to do - I'm running, Zumbaing and climbing mountains !! While I wouldn't say that quitting was easy, it was certainly not as hard as I thought it would be! Stopping smoking has been one of the best things I have ever done - so ... thank you Christine "

"Hi Alan
I just wanted to say thank you for giving me my life back. I came to see you in Guardamar
two years ago to try and give up the smoking habit and I haven't looked back. The cost of the hypnotherapy treatment has been repaid over and over again in the vast improvement of my health. I have had no hesitation in telling friends and acquaintances to contact you.....................Thank you Alan you are an absolute life saver. S........"

" I have been a smoker for 40 years. I smoked 40+ a day. I have tried unsuccessfully to stop smoking several times. I have had 4 heart attacks and even with doctors and other medical peoples help I couldn't stop.
My last chance was Alan Gilchrist and to be honest I was sceptical about this. After ONE session with Mr Gilchrist I have not smoked a single cigarette. I would like to thank Alan Gilchrist because without doubt he alone has stopped me smoking. I owe him the rest of my life............Michael B........."

Hi Alan,
Just want to say a big THANK YOU for helping me to stop smoking and making it so easy for me. I have tried everything in the past and nothing worked. I've had no craving or anything. So thank you Alan. Bronagh........."

Hola Alan,
My friend Theresa and I came to see you last June, our appointment were for giving up smoking, I had been smoking for 29years (gawd!) and for the last five smoked about 30-40 a day, my friend had for about 27years( she was a constant chain smoker) . Before our appointment we were at the cafe outside trying to smoke as many cigarettes as possible. I was first in (I had a terrible hangover but after hypnosis it disappeared) I came out and sat at a table to wait for my friend. On the table it had a ashtray on it yet it never bothered me.
We were on the beginning of a weeks holiday so we were flung in at the deep end i.e. going for a drink and we were surrounded by smokers but we never were tempted.
I think the best piece of advice you gave us was not to eat sweets or chew gum as in the hand to mouth, I thought I would miss that most the hand to mouth habit. I honestly never thought in a billion years I would have gave up smoking, I've try patches, gum, acupuncture, tablets and hypnosis (not you of course).
The CD was great, unfortunately I have misplaced it as I liked to listen to it every now and then. One last thing - I went through so many trails and tribulations in the last year and I've not been tempted back to the dreaded weed. Thank you so much Alan. Regards Ann......."

" Dear Alan,
Just a little note to thank you so much - you have worked your magic. I'm off the cigarettes since Dec 3rd now and you made it easy. I had smoked for 32 years and was feeling the effects ( remember how I coughed during that session) . I know I will never smoke again. I looked forward to listening to your CD and you have become like one of the family at work. So many plan to travel for your help .Thank you so much Noreen......."

"Dear Alan,
I started smoking when I was 13.  I tried to stop a few times but failed.  After reading you add in a paper in Spain I contacted you and asked if you could work a miracle on me.  I went to you for hypnosis on September 1st last and took home the c.d. you made for me which I listened to every day for 1 month as instructed.  I cannot thank you enough.  I haven't smoked since September 1st and it hasn't been difficult.  In the past when I tried to quit I felt like a drug addict with horrible withdrawal symptoms.
Thankfully, I did not experience that this time.  Thanks again Alan, Deidrie F..........."

"Hi Alan , 
I came to yourself a sceptic in need of help to stop smoking, here we are 18 months on and I am delighted to say a non-smoker. I was so impressed by your work I retuned a second time for help in reducing my anxiety about learning to drive. Once more this proved successful, and I am a confident learner driver. I know through friends and family that I have recommended you to,  that you have managed to help them also with smoking, weight loss, and confidence. Thank you very much for helping me help myself. Many Thanks Maria."

" It's almost two years since I visited Alan for help regarding stopping smoking. In that time I haven't been tempted once to have a cigarette. It is unbelievable! The best investment I have ever made for my health...... Joan H......."

"Hi Alan
I have attended your clinic in Newry about seven years ago the treatment was very successful I am delighted to say I am still do not smoke. B.........."

" Having smoked for over 25 of my 35 years I had tried and tested various nicotine replacement methods in a bid to stop smoking. All had failed.
Prior to my sessions I had for the past 2 - 3 years been smoking heavily, both cigarettes and roll ups, over 20 -25 daily.
I'm delighted to report that since my session I have not smoked and now consider myself a committed non-smoker.
The very smell of a cigarette is stomach churning. I have not used or needed any nicotine products.
Many thanks , I'm only sorry I didn't come to see you years ago! but better late than never ! .......... Lorna"  

" Hi Alan, remember me from Benidorm ? I  came to see u to stop smoking, brought about 12 others, glad to say still not smoking that was April last year, it did work thank you..... Julie "

" This is just to thank you for helping me to stop smoking. I, and my family, have been smoke free for 1 year and
6 months
. I really didn't think it could happen - I think I was almost afraid of becoming a non-smoker!
Thank you again.....Carol......."

" I was a smoker for over 26 years and I wanted to give up. I had tried everything under the sun to achieve this but to no avail, patches gum, tablets and sheer willpower didn't work.
I then went on the internet and found Alan Gilchrist's page. I read a few of his reviews and decided to give Hypnosis a try. I am pleased to say that after 1 year I am still off the cigarettes. Alan has helped turn my life around both health and mentally wise. Its the best money that ever spent. Cheers for your help Alan!.......Ciaran....."

" I started smoking at the age of 14, smoking only when I could get a cig. At the age of 16 I was smoking 20 a day and this progressed until at 24 I was smoking between 40 - 60 cigarettes a day and it was truly ruining my health.
I had tried numerous times to stop but just couldn't do it, the urge for a smoke was too great.

I came to Alan in 1998 and it was the best thing I have ever done and now I detest the smell of cigarette smoke. I can't thank Alan enough for helping me and giving me and my family a healthier life.
Thank you so much Alan........Bobby......"

" I visited Alan at the Lodge Hotel in Coleraine January 2007 to see if he could help me stop smoking - which I had done for 32 years previously. I had tried the patches, tablets, gum, all sorts of aids and gadgets - NOTHING WORKED .

I walked in to see Alan with 17 cigarettes in the car. I came out after ONE session a complete non smoker without an urge, craving or want to smoke a cigarette and have been the same for the last 4 healthy years. Food tastes good, breath smells good, clothes smell good, pocket is fuller, chest is clearer  and I can breathe fully again.
money well spent thank you Alan..............Wesley "

" Approximately 17 years ago I decided I would like to stop smoking and I made an appointment with Alan. At that time it cost £40 which was a lot of money.

A friend ( also a smoker ) accompanied me for the consultation but wouldn't pay in her words the "extortionate fee" From that day I stopped smoking. I have NEVER had the urge to smoke - in fact the smell makes me feel sick. My friend still smokes to this day ! That extortionate fee would have been well spent !! .............. carol "

" I saw Alan 4 years ago as I wanted to stop smoking. On the way down I had a smoke or two and thought it would never work ! When I came out of Alan's office the first thing I thought of was that my car "stank". I drove home with the windows open to get rid of the smoke.

I can honestly say that I haven't missed them, not even in stressful times . When in company that smokes I find myself thinking it is an awful smell. My whole life smells better and I feel a lot better too, I can run after my kids !
Thanks Alan ! .............Diana"

" I came to see Alan at the start of October 2009, smoking 55 cigarettes a day. I'm 45 and have smoked from the age of 10 !.  I tried everything to stop, patches , inhalers , etc and nothing seemed to work. Then I heard about Alan from my dentist and decided to give it a go as I would try anything once.
10 months on and a cigarette has not come near me , I think everything about is disgusting now. I would advise anyone considering to stop smoking to give it a try. I never thought it was possible until I met Alan. I feel so much healthier, fitter and everyone has commented on the change of my skin etc. Thanks Alan ............ Jackie ".

" I attended a stop smoking session with Alan in May 2007 and I have never looked back. I found the stopping smoking much easier than I thought. The CD I listened tom was very relaxing and helped a lot. I now have no wish to smoke at all and in fact find smoking quite repulsive.

Other members of my family have also attended sessions with Alan and all have managed to kick the habit. I also would like to say thank you Alan - I feel great since stopping........Tricia......"

" I went to Alan 14 years ago to stop smoking after trying several times unsuccessfully myself. I was very unsure of this procedure but was very pleased with the results. Straight away I felt like I had never smoked and by listening to the tape Alan gave me I was very relaxed and positive and in no time I was a non smoker.

I highly recommend trying this - it's worth every penny.........Maria....."

" I wanted to stop smoking . I tried everything and decided to get Hypnotised - the best money I have ever spent. I would recommend it to anyone. I smoked for over 15 years and smoked 30 a day and I'm 4 months off them and don't feel like smoking. Its the best thing ever ........Karl.........."

( Came along with the above )

" I smoked for over 15 years and felt I needed to give them up. I was just smoking for the sake of it, so I got Hypnotised and am smoke free 4 months now with no problems. I feel wonderful and am so glad I did it. I am so grateful to Alan for his kind, understanding nature. I have raved to everyone about Hypnosis and Alan and got my father in law to attend - so fingers crossed. Thanks again Alan....Michelle....."

" In January 2004 I came Mr Gilchrist to help me to stay off smoking. I had just given up at the beginning of 2004, as my sister was dying of cancer. I thank Alan for helping me to stay off the cigs and to make my cravings so much easier.

Six years have gone by and I still have not touched a cigarette. I have not , and hope not to smoke again. Once again I have returned to him for help, this time for my daughter with weight and smoking, and I have great hopes that everything will be good. Thank you once again Mr Gilchrist. Bernadette........."

"My husband and I were both with Alan 9 years ago to give up smoking. Very happy to say we haven't had a cigarette since. We tried patches, willpower, tablets, tried everything but always went back on them. After the session with Alan we both couldn't stand the smell of cigarettes - I still can't.

We are both very happy to recommend this to anyone. I was on 30 cigarettes a day and my husband was on 40 cigarettes per day. Doreen......."

"Myself and my husband Brian had been smokers for many years and thought maybe it was time to stop. We heard of Mr Gilchrist from someone who had sung his praises and we decided to give it a go. That was in September 2009 and I have to say we haven't smoked since. A big thank you to Mr Gilchrist for his help for without it we would still be smoking. Thank you so much. Monica and Brian.........."

"My Mother in Law was with Alan 2 1/2 years ago to stop smoking which was successful and came back two weeks ago for the weight control session. To date she has lost 11 lbs ( 5 kilos). That's why I am here today for the same! Ann....."

" My name is Michael and I went to Alan four years ago to stop smoking. I tried to stop myself several times with no success. I was smoking 60 a day and with Alan's treatment and help I am still a NON SMOKER .
Michael MC A............."

" Dear Alan Gilchrist
Just a note to say that my husband, Pat L...., a lifetime smoker who was with you in October, has now been successfully non-smoking for almost 6 months. Thank you for your excellent intervention."

" Hi Alan, just felt that I had to let you know how grateful I am to you.
I came to your offices 6 months ago smoking almost 40 cigarettes a day. I was very cynical and did not believe it was possible to stop, but here I am 6 months later and a very happy non smoker.
I know that this would not  have been achievable without your help !.
Many thanks Marie............"

"Dear Alan,
I first came to you 14 years ago for smoking, as a bad asthmatic I was doing myself no favours by smoking about 30 a day. Thanks to you I have never smoked again and my asthma is well under control.
Then 2 years ago I came to you about my weight which was out of control due to bad eating habits, once again you worked your magic and I am now 2 stone lighter and my eating habits are now healthy.
Many, many thanks W........."

" I went to Alan Gilchrist 19 years ago - I smoked 40 cigarettes per day. I went to his Ballymena office and went under hypnosis and I never smoked another cigarette, Many thanks Alan ..............Kathleen"

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I came to see you at the end of November and I'm totally cured from smoking ! Alison ....."

"Hi my name is Jacqui

I have been divorced now for almost 10 years. It was an extremely acrimonious divorce. I have one child. Even though it was me who left the marriage, I have found over the last number of years I have not been able to let go of all the hatred and bitterness relating to the divorce. I am with my new partner and have been for 4 years, he is just wonderful, but our relationship suffered dreadfully almost to the stage of splitting up because my partner could not cope with the fact that after such a long period of time I had not moved on one inch from the marriage break up!

I went to Alan Gilchrist about 7 years ago to help me stop smoking and from the day I left the consultation I have never smoked a cigarette since.

I went back to see Alan to see if he could help once again to move on and begin living my life again. After just 3 consultations I am a new person and have completely let go of the past. I am positive, can see a future and realise now how much time I have wasted living in the past and can see a very bright future ahead of me. His treatment was wonderful! I am only annoyed that I did not seek his help many years ago. I really do feel great now and would say to anyone who feels the way I did, do not wait another day, go and seek help, I am only sorry that I waited so long and wasted so many years.

Thanks to Alan Gilchrist I am now living each day to the full. So many, many thanks Alan!.......... Jacqui "

"Hi Alan,
I underwent hypnosis therapy 2 1/2 years ago for smoking cessation I had one session and from 40-50- a day I haven't had one since and had none of the withdrawal symptoms and even though at times I think I would like a cigarette I have no trouble in putting it to the back of my mind and I am not bother by sitting in the company of those smoking.....Sandy"

"Hi Alan,
I came to see you on 17th January 2006 for to stop smoking. This was the best relaxing time I have ever had. I was smoking between 20 - 30 cigarettes a day and have never looked back 4 years on! Hope now to be a size 12 and feeling as good as back in ' 06.  Ruth......."

" Alan,
Thank you for
16 years " Smoking Free" ! At that time I didn't really think it would work for me. However I have never had a lapse or even felt the temptation to smoke again. Long may it last . Kate........"

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I was getting on after your treatment. I have now been smoke free for
20 weeks and am totally delighted with the result. I would like to think now I will never smoke again and hope this is the case. I tried everything to stop smoking and now I know if I do start again it'll be my own stupidity as all the chemicals have now left my body. I would just like to thank you for helping me and hope I continue to not put on weight. I don't listen to your CD very often now as I don't crave cigarettes any more and hope it stays that way.
Anyway thanks again and hopefully I'll only see you if I turn into the honey monster (which I hope doesn't happen).
Lisa Mc ...
PS My friend went to see you a while ago and she's still off them too. "


Hi Alan
Words can't describe it! No bother giving up, in fact cigarette smoking now repulses me. I was on up to 20 cigarettes a day and because I was struggling with my weight I used the cigarettes as an excuse to keep my weight down. Consequently I got a lot heavier on them. I even got to the stage of taking one when I woke up at 7.00am. The CD is brilliant - overtime I listened to it I was asleep within 10 minutes. Your fast Track Stop Smoking session is great, I can't praise it enough, I am dumbfounded, and it really does work.


Hi Alan,
I came to see you on 5th January 2007 and I was on 20 per day, and if I went to the pub it was more than that. After visiting you I have never looked for another cigarette. Easiest thing that I have ever done in my life. Having been off them now for 2 years, my next goal is to lose weight (3 stone or more) and Alan's the man that will help me do it.!

Thanks Andy.

"Dear Alan, Just a wee note to thank you for changing my life. Before I came to see you I had been smoking for 20 years , 30 cigarettes a day. I could have survived on cigarettes and coffee - That was nine months ago, I have not had a cigarette since September 2008 and I feel like a new person. No coughing, wheezing and smelly clothes !! ( and lots of money) Thanking you sincerely for all your help.

Karen G.....

"Hi Alan,
I came to see you in 1987 and I was smoking between 40 - 60 cigarettes per day. My reason at the time to give up was because I was getting married . Someone mentioned your name as I had tried everything to quit. I am overjoyed with the results. My wife and sister also came to see you and they too are doing well."
Ian N

"Dear Mr Gilchrist,
This is a letter to say THANK YOU. It is almost 6 years later since my mother and I went to you to get off smoking. My mother was smoking 40 years and I a good few years also but a chain smoker. I felt that there was no way that I would ever stop. We had tried everything and you were our last hope and thank god that it worked. Never once have we wanted a cigarette or looked back. Just today we were listening to the news again and Cancer was highlighted. We both thought of you and what you have probably done is saved us from one of those horrible illnesses. Again thank you for the great work that you do, it lets people like us know THERE IS HOPE."
Angela and Mary

"Dear Alan, Just dropping you a short note to let you know that I have not smoked since I had been with you. I find that I don't want to smoke at all. I did find it a bit hard not to smoke once only. I put one in my mouth but it only brought back memories that smoking was dirty so I put it out straight away. So I have 3 months done and I hope you keep doing well with the fast track hypnosis. Thank you for the courage you gave me to stop. Thanks very much."

"Dear Alan, just a note to thank you , I am off the cigarettes 9 months. At first I was very sceptical but I am now convinced that Hypnotherapy works, and I feel it's time I expressed my gratitude. I know that I couldn't have done this without you, as I have tried and failed on many occasions. Thanks again for giving me back my health and also a healthier bank balance, ha, ha.

Noeleen D.....

"Hi Alan,
I came to see you in October 10 years ago at 11.00am . I smoked one cigarette outside your office before I came in and I have not smoked a cigarette since the session. Even the very thought of it makes me gag. I have absolutely no urge to smoke. Fabulous."

"Hi Alan,
I came to see you on 4th October 1993 to be exact- and at that time I was on 30 cigarettes a day . I was suffering from constant colds and chest infections so it was important for me to give up. Just before the session I had several cigarettes outside your office, but afterwards I threw the remainder of the packet in the bin and I haven't had one since. The hypnosis was very relaxing.
It was incredible!"

"Hi Alan,
It was good to meet you again after 11 years of being off the cigarettes with your help and still going strong. At the time I was worried that I would put on weight as a result of me quitting, but it simply didn't happen. See you again for something else in another 11 years!"

"Dear Alan,
I attended one of your sessions in May 2005 to help me stop smoking and I haven't smoked a cigarette since. The first month was tricky but I persevered and kept listening to the CD I was given, and by the end of the first month I was smoke free ! Thank you Alan for all your help, it was and still is very much appreciated."
Orla McC.

"Dear Mr Gilchrist,
My husband visited your clinic in late April to stop smoking, which he had done for 26 years. He had attempted to stop several times, with no success, and many side effects. Since his visit with you, he has been transformed, not only has he lost all desire for cigarettes, but has become more relaxed in many ways. As he has a very stressful occupation, this is an extra bonus. I felt I had to write and tell you of this wonderful result, and congratulate you upon your excellent work, of which we have told many. With many thanks.

Alan, I just wanted to let you know how successful your "Stop Smoking " Hypnosis was for me.
October 2008 I visited you as a smoker of 20 plus per day for Hypnosis. I had suffered chest infections constantly and as a last resort contacted your self. You promised me it would work. But if I am totally honest, was very sceptical. That was five months ago and I have never had a desire for a cigarette again. I have saved a fortune. Have never felt so healthy. It was the best money ever spent. I have recommended you to everyone who says they want to quit smoking. You can do this way (Fast Track Hypnosis) or the hard way!
Many thanks once again, Karen