Insomnia - Reviews from people who have overcome Insomnia using Fast Track Hypnosis
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Over the years my waiting room walls have gathered quite a lot of reviews from past clients telling of how my Fast Track Hypnosis has helped them. Many people coming through my door for the first time will say to me " I bet you haven't heard of my problem before". Then I would point them to a letter of someone with a similar problem.

All the testimonials and reviews on this page are genuine and from clients who have successfully overcome insomnia using my  Hypnosis system.

Please note, all the original letters and emails are held at my Belfast office

Below is a small selection of how Hypnosis has helped these people to deal with their insomnia.

" Several years ago I suffered from chronic insomnia after major surgery - my doctors would only give me a limited supply of of sleeping tablets. I was at my wits end through not sleeping. It was affecting every aspect of my life.

I noticed an advert in the paper about Alan and his Hypnosis therapy. So I decided why not give it a go - I did - and I must say after the first and only session I enjoyed my first good nights sleep in 4 months. It was wonderful, and I have not suffered from insomnia in the 11 years since!

Thank you Alan for giving me my life back...............Deidre................"

" I had been Ill for 15 months and as a result lost over 2 stone in Weight ( which I can ill afford). In January I went to see Alan as I was suffering real anxiety about my health and having a lot of tests, which incidentally were all clear.
From my first visit I knew Alan could help and I played his CD religiously twice daily and also at night.
I got a great nights sleep straight away and gradually began to feel a little better day by day.
This week was my last appointment and I must than Alan for his help, as I told him I don't think I would have made it without his help. I am now eating and know that the future is rosy. Thanks again Alan.......... Elizabeth"

"I want to thank you, I have received the best Christmas present ever, a regular sleeping pattern! Since I last saw you it has been brilliant leaving me much more sociable, confident, relaxed and more importantly-Happy!"

"Dear Alan, I have waited until now to write to you because I wanted to give myself time to get properly into a sleep pattern again- after 6 years it took a bit of time! First of all thank you, I have received the best Christmas present ever, a regular sleep pattern!. Since I last saw you it has been brilliant, leaving me much more sociable, confident, relaxed, but more importantly-HAPPY. I only have the odd bad night but that's nothing because I know the next night I'll sleep!. I hope everything is well with you. What you do is very important and to know someone is there who can help and understand means an awful lot. Regards Anita"

Hi, The CD which you supplied has been a great help, having solved the matter of getting off to sleep. Many thanks for that, Yours Sincerely, Heather"

"Dear Alan, Thank you for all you help, kindness and expertise in turning my life around. Without your skill and knowledge I would have been unable to make such great, worthwhile changes in my living and approach to life.
My targets were met.
No stress-no smoking
No insomnia.
This year took on a happy , optimistic note.....C.............."