Enjoy your FREE Relaxation Downloads. Relaxation techniques from Alan Gilchrist


Free relaxation downloads and relaxation techniques is something many people have asked me for over the years and at long last modern technology allows me to do just that online - free of charge (you must have flash player installed).

The session is approx 37 minutes long and contains progressive relaxation techniques, special effects, auto hypnosis, visualization (such as tropical islands, rainforests, waterfalls, Caribbean music) and much more.

Please be patient as it may take a few minutes to download, then simply select the play button, (you may need to click on it twice and it will then commence after about 5 seconds) settle down, close your eyes and enjoy!

(For maximum effect it is better to use headphones)

If you do not have flash player installed click here

NB. Please do not play while driving, operating machinery or when you need to remain alert.

A CD copy of the Relaxation Techniques Session can be purchased by contacting Alan.

If you enjoyed the relaxation techniques and feel that someone else that you know could benefit from it then copy the link below and send it to them.


For more information click here.

"Dear Alan,
Please accept my most grateful thanks for the wonderful relaxing CD. I use it every day and have found it to be so helpful, and has made my condition much easier. I will highly recommend your services to all my family and friends.
Once again many thanks for very kind response to my request.
Kindest regards, Theresa........"