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As good as Fast Track Hypnosis is, it will not provide you with visible, immediate results. It will retrain your mind and the way you think, but I can’t fast track nail growth! On occasions, clients have phoned me two or three days after the treatment informing me that their nails have yet to grow. Almost as an addendum, they mutter they’ve stopped biting them. They fail to realize that this is the most important part! Nails take time to grow- I can retrain your mind, but I can’t force nature!

Regardless of past attempts, regardless of repeated failures, Fast Track Hypnosis will enable you to cease your nail biting and finger picking habits and without external help. Solely by willpower alone. ...

Nail-biting is a subconscious action. Making a conscious decision to stop won’t combat such an action and failure is almost always imminent. Without even realizing it, people bite their nails and attempting to stop such a habit by willpower alone is quite difficult as nail-biters fail to realize what they’re doing.

Fast Track Hypnosis at the Belfast Hypnotherapy Centre addresses this problem.

If you want to stop biting your nails and now, then Belfast Hypnotherapy - Alan Gilchrist hypnosis is for you. It alters behavioural patterns and affirms the decision you’ve made. By implanting positive suggestions over the negative and into the subconscious, you’ll no longer have any desire to continue your habit and it will simply disappear.

A Support CD is part of the Fast Track package and will reinforce our work together.

The final result: healthy nails!

Package: Fast Track Hypnosis + Professionally produced Support CD

Fee 95.00 or €95.00

" I want to thank you for helping me to stop biting my nails (and the skin around them). I have been doing this for over 30 years since I was a young child. It has caused me so much embarrassment throughout my life, in my personal life and also at work.
I am a teacher so my chewed fingernails were always on show. Now, thanks to your services I have been able to stop and I do actually have "fingernails"...Thanks for everything. Edward..."

Alan Gilchrist Fast Track Hypnosis

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